Jan 6 Anniversary Clown Circus Chatter vs Reality

Online chatter about holding rallies has grown… as civil war draws nearer. Boom ! The stage is set. The final marker in this devolution has been met and preparation for the main event has begun. Neither side is going to give in, so blood, guts, and the stinch of rotting flesh of war looms in our future. Thanks for nothing, psychotic commie-nutbags.

So what did we learn about January 6th, other than Donald Trump has the personal charisma and leadership style to rally more people of America together than any previous president in our history ?

Let’s recap some events that the fake news media and the Department of un-Justice has forgotten:

1. Every organization has been infiltrated with conspirators who want to ruin everybody’s fun and freedoms with pointless lies, ridiculous psy-ops, and false flag terrorist events, especially the CIA & FBI.

2. Nancy Pelosi was totally freaking out when her laptop was confiscated by white-hat patriots, who later found email evidence of her and a high ranking General’s involvement in the “capitol riot plot”.

3. When Police Officers wave traffic through lanes, people tend to comply in a relatively peaceful and complicit manner; the same applies to tours of government buildings.

4. MAGA Patriots are law abiding citizens, not naturally violent, do not burn down buildings, do not bring guns to rallies, and do not strike police officers, and typically don’t start trouble with anyone else. (unless you provoke them first)

5. Less than one percent of the January 6th rally participants of the “Million MAGA march” actually trespassed onto “public property of any government building”.

6. Photos appeared on the internet of pipe bombs planted in “a building”, but since EVERYONE has conveniently forgot about those, I think we can safely assume those were planted by the “democrat-paid-conspirators”.

7. The January 6th Committee and it’s formation is in direct violation of written laws applicable to the American Congress / House Of Representatives.

8. Most of the participants of the January 6th committee are guilty of felonious crimes which have not been made public or prosecuted as of the time of this writing.

9. Any public official or news reporter, active or retired, who is still making derogatory public statements about January 6th, or Donald Trump, or any other patrons and supporters of freedom & the rule of law, are in-fact, the actual conspirators, working toward the destruction of America, the destruction of the Declaration of Independence, the Destruction of the Constitution, the destruction of Common Law, the destruction of Natural Law, and the destruction of the un-alienable rights of man.

10. The news media and other traitors of America would like everyone to forget that human beings are still being held in the jails of Washington D.C. without formal charges, without speedy trial, without lawful representation, without humane treatment, and in violation of every decent principle of law and notion of decency.

11. If all of the individuals who tooks oaths of office, those who have taken the earned money of Americans, had actually performed the duties of their offices according to those oaths, there would not have been any need for a January 6th Rally, and therefore any crimes or incidents or blood split; that blood is on the hands of those who chose to deny law and order, and the rule of law.

12. The DOJ, FBI does not have any lawful authority to create any new agencies, or units, on the American continent. As a matter of Facts in Law, it is highly questionable or arguable that the FBI is operating outside of any lawful authority in America, per the U.S. Constitution, and because some of their funds are paid by the Federal Bank (a non-U.S. entity operating outside the Jurisdictional Authority of the United States, according to some). There are quite a number of citizens who could and would confirm that the FBI has been infiltrating peaceful organizations in attempts to create domestic terror events, mass shootings, kidnapping, and explosions or destruction of American commercial property. It is also a well known fact that the FBI is directly involved in violating or infringing upon Article 2a, the right to own and bear arms. It is also a well known fact the the FBI is directly involved in violating the rights of Americans to feel safe and secure in their homes with highly questionable warrants, where viable evidence is confiscated and never released to the public for review. It is also a well known fact that the FBI has been directly involved in harrassing and even threatening witnesses who report crimes to the FBI. I’m not saying that the FBI doesn’t have honest people working within it’s ranks, but seeing how other narcissistic groups operate, they drone bomb individual’s cars who just “want out”, or those who don’t conform to their mafioso henchman like policies. Don’t take my word for it, just review the thoughts and words from the original creator of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. I don’t believe he agreed with how they trashed him for years after he helped create the original FBI, then took it from him and turned it upside down – against the American people. – Or just ask Ray Epps. In reality, after all of the other lies Americans have been hoodwinked with for decades, one might ask if the FBI could be considered “foreign combatants” operating within the jurisdiction of the United States ? What happened to the FBI operatives who were stationed in Oklahoma City days before the bombing occurred ? What happened to the security camera footage from surrounding businesses during the Pentagon missile attack on 9-11 ? What is the FBI going to do to recover the billions of dollars worth of American military equipment donated by Joe Biden & Co. to the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan ? What is the FBI going to do to secure the American borders and stop the FBI most wanted that are continuing to invade our country ? What is the FBI going to do to stop the financial crimes that are occuring daily by the Central Bank, relating to the Director of the Treasury, threatening even the very existence of the FBI ? …Only the FBI knows ?

I guess the last pertinent question that comes to mind is …why ? Why do you want to destroy the lives of the people who pay for your salaries ? Why do you want to sell weapons to drug cartels who rape, torture, and kill innocent people ? Why do you want to sneak in shipments of drugs that destroy families ? How can you swear on a book of the living God, then lie through your teeth, ruining an innocent person’s life and reputation ? What is wrong with you ? How can you look at yourself in the mirror ? How can you claim to be “the good guys”, when the darkness of demons surround you, waiting to claim a wretched soul ? Living on this planet has taught me one thing, there is no free ride, especially for the wicked deeds. You will pay for what you have done, and so have I, and so will every soul on this plane. Imagine your death, and the moment of realization when you have no control of anything, not even your soul. Imagine the panic that will set in when the demons of hell come to claim you and drag you away with them. There is still time, you can correct it, now – before you die. I pray that Almighty God touches your mind & soul.

BOOM ! Here are some snapshots for the albums.


Ah finally, some drops from a sanity potion !


On January 6th, 2021, People of all colors, creeds, races, backgrounds, beliefs, ideals, shoe-sizes, coming together in unity and a common idea of freedom and friendship and community and nation. The world and every one in it – absolutely needs more of this unity.
This is the truth as far as I can see it, and there is nothing anyone can do to change my mind about it. If you have issues, then get into your cry-closet and shut the door !



Jan 6th Clown Circus ReeEEeE Stream 01-05-22 – by Salty Cracker

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