Roosevelt’s love and rockets

Title: Roosevelt’s Love and Rockets

As with any good beginning, I confess that I am not perfect. Death has taken me twice already. I assume there is a reason for today and for this message. Being men of higher reasoning, take it for what you will. If you are the intelligent and sophisticated of modern society, then the universe begs your ear.

Tonight, I listened to a program with Bill Maher & Max brooks, where topics were covered such as “trying to build back the power base“, “handling the insurgence“, and “draining the sea of peasants“. Franklin Roosevelt was used as a model for the delivery of these ideals and principals. I’ve also listened to recent programs with Anderson Cooper and while I am empathetic some of the hardships and obscured challenges that all of these men have faced in their lives, their current demeanor appears to lack virtue and integrity.

I must decisively disagree with those paths of Marxist logic. I think universally speaking, such a lack of respect for creation on that grand scale will never be appreciated by any creator God and will serve to condemn those who employ such methods of destruction. Any who suggest idolizing the failed relics of the past are not only ignorant of the cycles of history, but are also doomed to repeat them. Speaking as humbly as possible, we are not willing to entertain further notions of bad actors whose legacies will be known in centuries to come as “the monsters of our age“.

Let us be informed, so that we may root out the source of ignorance.

  1. In 1945 Winston Churchill & Franklin Roosevelt / FDR carried out the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany; a city of civilians, including women and children.
  2. Under Roosevelt, Two cities of non-military civilians, men, women, children were vaporized with atomic weapons.
  3. Under Roosevelt, the private ownership of gold was prohibited.
  4. Under Roosevelt, The Social Security System was established, with inclusions of misappropriation, theft, and fraud that still exist to this day.
  5. Associates of Franklin Roosevelt included Joseph Stalin, who either directly or indirectly caused suffering and death of 40+ million souls.
  6. World War II could have been prevented, specifically the attack on Pearl Harbor, but Roosevelt and Co. absolutely wanted to go to war for profit. Hitler had offered peace treaties with London and Washington, but since Hitler had banished the globalist banking syndicate from Germany, the peace offering was refused.

There is a lot more information behind EACH of these stories that the general public has NOT been allowed to know or to understand. This kind of information filtering promotes ignorance and initializes systematic failure.



Barak Obama is another leader that has been somewhat idolized in these forums. Gentlemen, idolizing the phrases of a programmed human tool is no more profitable than some naive youth idolizing the phrases of Charles Manson or Jim Jones. I’m not suggesting that that Barak isn’t sincere, but I honestly do not think that Barak Obama even understands the wheels within the wheels that revolve within himself; manifesting themselves as excessive and exhuberant memoirs; projections of the programming. For the rest of us, we remember when we learned that Santa isn’t real. Barak is one of many victims of controlled programming, that much is certain.

I recently read about the Lincoln Project, which is funded by Mark Zuckerburg and others with similar interests. I’m trying to figure out if Zuckerburg is suggesting an assassination project on the President of the United States ?

Someone once said something similar to “the public cannot govern themselves, so we must lead and govern them.” History has proven many times, “men who govern, also cannot govern themselves“. If they could, there would be no reason to ever raise taxes again, especially since the Securities Act of 1933 & The Social Security Act of 1935. For the truly educated individuals, you know exactly what I am referring to. If every American woke up tomorrow and fully understood the level of fraud that has been enacted against them, and who was responsible… well, let’s just refer to the movie, “The Purge – Election Year”.

In this cycle of awakening, the people are waking up in mass. You won’t be able to return to old antics and methods of control. The models that you esteem to elevate have been proven to be destructive to humanity, and therefore you must, at some level, question your own internal programming logic?

Assuming that our/your culture has evolved beyond mass murder, only methods other than fear, repression, and torture must be employed. Otherwise, you must admit to yourselves and to the public that you are not the higher reasoning men that you claim to be, but that you are in fact, nothing more than advanced predators. Otherwise, those of us that you have labelled as “stuck in the lower end of the spectrum” will surely deliver a swift rebuke; an obvious repudiation that has already begun.

It is fairly common knowledge that you can’t kill an idea. Likewise, you cannot kill the unfathomable spirit and presence of God without destroying yourself in turn. I’m sure that you’ve noticed the decrease in your profits lately. While you can certainly blame one man, eg. a typical response, this may force you to turn your perception inward and reflect upon your personal choices.

There are certain groups of societies or cultures that have been repetitively kicked out of countries around the world, or exiled in a way, as in islands perhaps, because those cultures have not been able to conform to more peaceful methods of community. With this, I could go on and provide fully detailed examples from historical records, but this would serve only to distract from the main message that I have been tasked to deliver.

The fundamental difference between us, meaning you and your guests vs. citizens of the United States, is that we don’t need you to control us; understanding there is a world of difference between control and governance. If you can’t understand this concept, please review the recent ANTIFA & BLM riots (whether orchestrated or not), and the reactions of the ordinary citizens (not the burning rioters) in virtually every state.
The only state where an official was physically threatened was Michigan, and if anyone cannot understand why that occurred, then I would challenge you to study the life and death of Marie Antionette for clarity. We should excuse and pardon all of those individuals, and the governor should thank her lucky stars that she is still in that seat and still breathing. I am thankful as well, though Gretchen Whitmer is an arrogant, lawless, and detestable human being. If the U.S. Marshalls had stepped in and upheld their oath to the Constitution of the United States, that situation would never have spiralled out of control. But this brings me to a point here, that no one can rob, starve, or repress their constituents without suffering some repercussion.

This is the most fundamental reason why marxism, communism, and socialism don’t work, nor will these forms of governance ever, never ever, work. If you believe this to be incorrect, then you’ve been tabula-punked. I challenge you to stop any citizen of Venezuela or Russia and ask them what they think of Marxism and Communism. What is the definition of insanity ?





The mafia’s body bags and mass graves are sooo last century, or at least they ought to be. I can see that the matter of control is really an issue for you, which is a concern for the rest of us. In a sense, you will never be satisfied with just breathing, enjoying the breath of life, and protecting the bounty of creation, and the piece of it which currently “belongs” to you.

To be a protector of life and creation is a true sacrifice, and unfortunately the evil of lesser gods do sometimes win battles and drain the positive energies of the creative force. Thank God almighty that none have been allowed to destroy this beautiful earth and life sustaining bounty. I have given many thanks to God that the plans of those who would subdue and control all creations of this earth have not been allowed to do so, and I do understand the reasons why they never will. I could share this precious piece of information with all of you, but that is not my place to do so. For sharing this precious lesson would only serve to rob you of the most precious lesson and primary purpose for your existence.

Even now, these words will remain in resonance within the records of the spheres until the end of time, that the underlying forces of the infinite shared this information with you. Similarly, your response and choice of whether or not to recieve it – is also recorded for all of time.

I leave you with these final thoughts.
I’m fairly certain that you are familiar with the books of the old testament.

  • What happened to all of the ancient civilizations that resurrected the “old gods” by rebuilding statues and idols, generation after generation ?
  • If there is no reward or recourse after this life, then why would those deterministic events have mattered ?

It seems to me, a child could answer this question most easily. If only the calcium would allow us to reason beyond our thickened heads. You may laugh it off, but what if we are stuck here on this planet until we “get it right” ?
Think about it.

love & rockets


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