Roosevelt’s love and rockets

Title: Roosevelt’s Love and Rockets As with any good beginning, I confess that I am not perfect. Death has taken me twice already. I assume there is a reason for today and for this message. Being men of higher reasoning, take it for what you will. If you are the intelligent and sophisticated of modern society, […]

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2020 Election – Decepticons Declaration of War

Title: 2020 Election – The Decepticons Declaration of War Jimmy Kimmel ‘shocked’ at Trump’s performance, rips voters: ‘I overestimated the American people‘ … “This really is the dumbest time to be alive.” {2020-Election-mysterious-boxes-of-ballots.jpg} {2020-Election-Impossibility.jpg} {2020-Election-Biden-Rally.jpg} {2020-Election-Trump-Rally.jpg} Agreed Jimmy Kimmel, your friends in the States’ news media a.k.a propoganda and terrorism generation machines have sold their souls […]

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