This article provides research information about the COVID-19 “Delta Variant” & “vaccine”. This “viral variant” story is continually pounded on us by state controlled media, or fake news networks. Remember ? The media clowns tried to convince us that 80 million “living” people voted for mr. potato head.


Viruses do exist, there is no denying that fact of life. HOWEVER – did you know that in 1918, the only people that died from the “Spanish Flu” were the people that had accepted the “Spanish Flu vaccine” ?

These controlled media networks (and fact-checkers) would like you to think that they are helping you. But the truth is that this COVID facade has convinced everyday people to participate in a “designer drug trial”, that has already caused permenant nervous system damage or death of over 1,000,000 people. I say “delusional COVID facade”, because once you see the backround research around this COVID thing, you’ll come to understand the level psychosis and hysteria that has been forced onto the peoples of every nation of the entire world. Taxpayers paid their governments, and their governments used tax money to create bio-weapons (SARS, COVID). (David Martin PhD – May 2021: Plandemic)


Let’s take a moment to reflect on our own reasoning abilities. Multi-vitamins, Zinc, Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine obliterates > 97% of the FLU-Like-symptom cases.

Could I be wrong ? If so, then why are Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Mailchimp, AirBnb, and other companies silencing their members ? Why are these companies deleting users’ pages and accounts that have suffered injury or death from the “Death-Jab Vaccine” ?


Of course, this next image really grabbed me, because it reminds every human being about the past atrocities around the world, both natural and man-made.


Video source: {source redacted / protected from truth-killing fascists}

If you are not aware of anyone injured by this “death-jab vaccine” already, then prepare yourself, because seeing someone, especially children, with permenant nervous system damage, convulsions, and seizures from this poisonous concoction will have an definite impact.



{Darcy Shoening: THOUSANDS Of Flights Cancelled As Vaccinated Pilots Fall Ill Or Die}

British Airways, an airline that required all pilots to accept the trial vaccination, has announced flight cancellations after 4 pilots died. One pilot fell unconscious and had to be gourneyed out, just prior to runway takeoff. Delta Airlines also requires all pilots to accept the trial vaccination. In just one weekend, 3500 flights were cancelled. British Airways boasts that 85% of its employees have accepted the trial vaccination. Airlines quickly obeyed the COVID-19 vaccine narrative and forgot about the welfare of their own employees.


Surgeons are being fired for expressing safety concerns about covid jabs for children. Have you ever heard about a surgeon being fired for expressing concerns about the safety of children ?

{Video: Ex NHS Nurse Louise Hampton Speaks Truth}
{Video: Executive Staffing Firms Planning to Replace Vaccinated Staff within next 3yrs}
{Video: Ex Police Officer Mark Sexton Reports Crimes Against Humanity – FAKE PCR tests}
{Video: UK Doctor details experimental vaccinations and genocide}


History does indeed repeat itself. Do they want to murder us or are they just incompetent ?







A Closer look at this BIO-WEAPON the FDA & CDC & WHO & BIDEN are calling a “vaccine”.









SideNote: Squaline – (mixed into the vaccinations) body attacks Squaline, then the immune system attacks own internal organs.





In Summary, ANY COVID VARIANT that does exist, is a variant of the FLU (Spanish, SARS, COVID). The mRNA vaccine is an untested, trial version of a designer / transgenetic cocktail, that is harmful to humans. The animal trials were stopped, because all of the animals died. Since the human body has the GOD GIVEN ability to fight unrecognized foreign entities, and create necessary substances to ward off invaders, chances of survival are greatly increased with the help of other NATURAL GOD MADE elements, such as vitamins and minerals. The most dangerous and devious component of this trial vaccine, is the genetic modifications to human DNA, which scientists have described as being more like a chainsaw, than a scalpel. What we are witnessing is the greatest threat to humanity since the plague of the dark ages. Humans’ natural immune systems are being modified in ways that even the virus meddlers AND vaccine peddlers do NOT understand, and the result could be a catastrophe for the entire human specie.

Why ? The mRNA vaccine essentially turns a human being into a virus variant and pathogen generation machine. Now mutliply that – by all of Earth’s races and creeds. At the very least, we will begin to witness a worldwide acceleration of extinction events of various animal species and races. It’s absolutely fucking hilarious how people cry and whine about guns, when other people are designing nuclear weapons, blowing up nuclear bombs in the desert, hiding millions of tons of heated nuclear waste in the desert, dumping toxins into all of the rivers, splicing genes of animals and humans, creating chemical warfare agents (with our tax dollars), and creating bio-weapons that are designed to permenantly alter our DNA, without understanding or considering the extent of consequences of their actions. These same people have been murdering inventors (including the inventor of the PCR test) and destroying life-saving and life-improving solutions for hundreds of years. Essentially, the wrong “kids” have acquired these technologies, used them for evil purposes, and should be judged accordingly at a publicly televised recorded event, for future generations to reference with an exclamation point. This is the day that humanity decided to protect life, instead of maiming and killing it.



{Benjamin Fulford – Summer Solstice Turning Point as Military-Industrial Complex Takes on Medical Industrial Complex}….

A fundamental sea change has taken place at the highest levels of world power on or around June 21 , 2021. The world’s military and intelligence agencies have decided to treat the ongoing fake pandemic medical emergency as an act of war and react accordingly. As a part of this, a death warrant has been issued for David Rockefeller Jr.

To quote from MI6:

“We know the whole Covid thing is a scam, a lie, a money-making con. Civilians who conducted an undeclared act of war have been now been well and truly found out. That allows us with military legal to actually deal with these people.”

It is well-documented history that the Rockefeller family took over Western medicine by setting up and financing medical associations. These suppressed traditional natural-based medicine in favor of petroleum and chemical-based medicine. Since Western medicine has long been structured as a military organization headed by “surgeon generals,” it was easy to co-opt this system by taking control of its command structure. This is the WHO, the various medical associations, and assorted “surgeon generals.” Any doctor who dissents from this command structure will have their medical “license,” removed and lose their access to a lucrative salary.

SideNote: The fake Rockefeller-Biden government headquartered at Fort McPherson, Atlanta Georgia is up to economic sabotage aimed at strengthening oil industry profits, according to the NSA. The Octagon front group – World Economic Forum – is promising major cyber-attacks for the rest of this year.

SideNote: Former Florida health department employee, Rebekah Jones, granted official whistleblower status – Sarah Blaskey, Miami Herald. Rebekah Jones, who was responsible for building the COVID‐19 data dashboard for the Florida Department of Health, was fired last year after raising concerns about “misleading data” being presented to the public, according to the complaint, which was reviewed by The Miami Herald [July 2020]

North Carolina Laboratories
Fort Detrick – US Research Institute of Infectious disease
Wuhan Laboratories
Vanderbilt Institute
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dr. Fauci & Co.
George Soros Foundation


If you CANNOT isolate the virus strain, then you CANNOT create a vaccine. SO THEN, WHAT IS THE COVID VACCINE ?


Vaccine Shedding, Spike Protein Confusion, Blood, And Fertility by Dr. Amandha Vollmer

video link {VAXX – 5 Doctors COVID Shots as Bioweapons}
video link {Patriot Has A Warning For Every Sitting Politician}
video link {Explains COVID19 DNA mRNA Fauci Gates Brainwashing}
video link {Human-Rights-Attorney-Leigh-Dundas}


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